Chris Gale – one of the most experienced running coaches in Queensland, Chris has a well established reputation for getting the most out of his athletes at all levels from the recreational runner through to state & national representatives. The philosophy behinds Chris’ training methods is to challenge each member of his squad, maybe taking them to places they have never been before to see what they can do, to ensure that each training session is different, challenging and keeps the athlete thinking but it all has to be done in a supportive, caring & nurturing training environment.

Chris is also a firm believer in getting lots of km’s in your legs, the more strength you have in your legs the better you will perform throughout each season. Too many runners fluff around in training doing junk miles because they have to meet certain km targets each year without fully understanding the reasons behind training. More km’s doesn’t always add up to better performance – smarter km’s equals better performance.

2023 is going to be a very busy year for Coach Chris with a number of coaching commitments as well as his squad at the GFRS.

  • Head Cross Country Coach & Coordinator – Stuartholme School
  • Head Athletics Coach & Coordinator – Stuartholme School

Fiona Day –more information to follow

Michelle Kunde –more information to follow

David Lambert –more information to follow

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